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Methane from cow emissions is a serious problem for our environment, but it’s also an opportunity. Reimagining reusable resources is the tagline underscoring Regenis’ mission of stewardship, and as a company located in farm country, they’ve taken that ethic to become the largest builder of anaerobic digesters in the western United States. Through this process of reclaiming cow waste and capturing the methane as the waste decays, they are able to create a zero waste virtuous cycle of products like bacteria free cow bedding, biofertilizers and peat moss in addition to generating clean energy, which can be used to power a farm, sold at a profit to the local utility or converted into renewable natural gas for fleets. Though they had built the largest single dairy digester in the world, no one knew it. That’s where I came in to help rename, rebrand and heighten the profile the company into the premier agricultural waste solutions company in North America.

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