Crystal Clear Technologies Video


You might have noticed I spend a great deal of time working on sustainability projects involving water, land, food and reclaimed materials. While not high visibility industries, they really are at the core of the hard issues we need to tackle locally and globally if we are to survive some of the more dystopian predictions about our future.

The science behind Crystal Clear Technologies shows some of the answers are right in front of us. I’m not a chemist, but I can understand crustaceans like shrimp and crabs live at the bottom of the ocean, and as bottom dwellers have to eat what other creatures dispose or are too small for others to consume. As such they are very efficient cleaning toxins out of their systems through their shells. The scientists at CCT took this bit of knowledge and applied it to a much larger problem. Wastewater, especially from fossil fuel generated power plants is laden with toxic chemicals. Not only is this a disposal problem, but it’s a water consumption issue. By running it through filters made up of crushed shrimp and crab shells, they demonstrated they could pull out some of the most harmful toxins in water used to burn coal, oil and gas. Even better, a limitless resource which previously was being thrown away (the shells) can now be reused for a productive purpose. The Periodic Table of Elements might not have stuck in your brain past the final exam in chemistry, but if you watch the video, I guarantee you’ll remember the story for a long time.

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